A foreign-looking gentleman, yesterday
A former Fordman, yesterday

Ford has refused any on-the-record comment about the reasons behind the sacking of President of North American Operations Raj Nair, only that it involved “inappropriate behavior”.

However, an exclusive unidentified source, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed exclusively and anonymously to Autoblopnik that the inappropriate behavior involved Nair’s failure to use the words “autonomous” and “mobility” enough times in his presentation at this year’s North American International Auto Show.

“I think sixty was the quota set for us,” said our unnamed source, who agreed to talk to Autoblopnik provided we would not reveal his name. “He left one out.”

“There was actually more to it,” said our anonymous source, who granted us an interview after we agreed to protect his anonymity. “He also said something about maybe the whole world doesn’t revolve around pickup trucks, and suggested that perhaps it’d be better to have press launches with the actual press rather than bought-and-paid-for bloggers. Those are things you just don’t say at Ford nowadays. Plus I’m pretty sure Great Grandpappy wouldn’t have hired someone so, y’know, foreign-looking.”

Offical Ford spokeschannels would not confirm nor deny the reasons for Nair’s firing, but they did say that the company is actively seeking a replacement and has been in talks with several temp agencies.

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