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Ford counters Chevy campaign

A Ford F-150 with turbo sand shit, yesterday

A Ford F-150 with turbo sand shit, yesterday

Just days after Chevrolet launched the “Technology and Stuff” campaign based on a televised gaffe by a nervous staff member, Ford has announced a new slogan of their own, “Turbos and Shit”.

“Chevy’s new trucks may have ‘Technology and Stuff,'” Ford spokesstuffer Sid Deet told a crowd of passers-by near her office in Dearborn, “But ‘Stuff’ won’t give you better performance or towing capability. If you want a truck that can really deliver, you need the all-new 2015 Ford F-150, which has Turbos and Shit.”

Unlike Chevrolet, Ford does not plan to use the new slogan as a hashtag.

“We did try sending out a tweet that said ‘New F-150 has #turbosandshit,'” explained Ford social media guru Scott “The Full” Monty, “but we got a bunch of replies asking what turbo sand shit was and why anyone would want it in their new pickup truck.”

Industry analysts said they thought Ford’s new slogan would resonate with consumers.

“Our research shows that when consumers are asked about Ford pickup trucks, they do associate them with turbos,” said Paul Eisensteinstatysteinstienstadtdtdt, chief multi-part-question-asker at The Detroit Bookie. “Unfortunately for Ford, they also associate them with shit.”

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UPDATE: Chrysler has announced their own new slogan, “Polystyrene or Objects,” proving that they don’t understand anything about anything.

Chevrolet to announce diesel Malibu wagon in New York

A poorly-paid artist's rendering of the 2015 Malibu Diesel Wagon, yesterday

A poorly-paid artist’s rendering of the 2015 Malibu Diesel Wagon, yesterday

General Motors today announced that Chevrolet will announce a new diesel-powered Malibu wagon at next week’s New York Autonouncement Show.

“This is an effort to improve critical opinion of the Chevrolet Malibu among automotive influencers,” announced Chevrolet spokesannouncer Randy Dog. “The 2013 Malibu was poorly received by the press, and the updates we made for 2014 haven’t helped. So we’re going for broke. We’ve yet to meet an auto writer or blog commenter who doesn’t love a diesel wagon.”

The Malibu TDZ Diesel Sport Diesel Wagon will be powered by a 2.2 liter turbodiesel developing 150 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque.

“The Malibu Sportdiesel Wagon’s diesel engine was conceived and designed in Europe,” announced Dog. “It’s built in our GM European Diesel Plant in Europe, then shipped to Orion Township where the diesel-powered Malibu Dieselsport will be assembled. We then send the engine back to Europe to be inspected by a European guy who lives in Europe, then it returns to Michigan once more to be installed in the car. Anyone who says this isn’t a true European diesel can kiss my European ass.”

Asked of the addition of a diesel-powered wagon to the Malibu lineup was a move to pander to the press rather than provide a vehicle actually demanded by buyers, Dog announced, “You’re damn right we’re pandering to the press. It works for BMW and now we’re going to make it work for General Motors. Seriously, a 4-series with four doors and a hatchback? Who else but an underpaid and overpampered car-magazine hack would want one of those?”

The diesel-powered Malibu Sportdiesel Wagonsport wagon will come exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel-drive, and hydraulic power steering. Fuel economy estimates have not been calculated, but Dog announced that they will be at least twenty percent lower than the car is actually capable of achieving, so that auto writers can point to their better-than-EPA figures as proof of how stupid the American public is for not embracing diesels.

Dog announced that the diesel wagon is expected to account for roughly 0.004% of 2015 Malibu sales, or about eight cars in total, six of which will be provided as long-term loaners to various car magazines.

“We’re very excited,” announced an excited Dog. “This will be the first time the Malibu has been available as a wagon with a diesel engine.” When Autoblopnik pointed out that the Malibu wagon was offered with an Oldsmobile diesel in 1982 and 1983, Dog announced, “Yes, but we like to pretend that never happened,” and then added, “Nerd.”

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BREAKING NEWS: GM explains Cruze stop-sale order

A Chevrolet Cruze stopped from selling, yesterday

A Chevrolet Cruze stopped from selling, yesterday

Days after General Motors mysteriously ordered dealers to stop selling certain versions of the Chevrolet Cruze, the formerly-Government-financed company finally issued an explanation for the unusual directive.

“Basically, we stopped selling the Cruze because it’s not a very good car,” said GM  spokestopper Teddy Ragout. “It was two years out of date when we introduced in 2010, and it’s not exactly aging gracefully. Our new CEO said we’ve entered a new era of transparency, and the transparent truth is that our customers would be better off buying a Honda Civic.”

GM’s sales-stopping directive only affects Cruzes equipped with the 1.4 liter turbocharged engine.

“The 1.8 liter Cruze  is still a good deal,” Ragout  explained. “But $1,300 extra for an engine that produces the same amount of horsepower and saves you maybe three bucks a month in gas? No way, man. No friggin’ way.”

Asked if there were any other circumstances leading to the cessation of sales, Ragout says “Of course not. The only reason we’re pulling the Cruze off of the showroom floor is because we don’t like it very much.” He paused, then added, “That, and the slight possibility that the right-hand axle shaft could short-circuit the ignition switch and set the car on fire.”

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What’s New for 2014: Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge

A 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, yesterday

A 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, yesterday presents more new product news you won’t find anywhere else… thank goodness.


CAMARO: The front and rear fascias have been restyled, and all Camaros now come with a prescription for anti-depressants to help owners deal with the interior, which is as dark and dreary as ever.

CORVETTE: Redesigned for 2014, now called Corvette Stingray. We recommend the “Not A Cliche Yet” edition, which will only be available for six months.

IMPALA: All-new for 2014. A check made out to Consumer Reports is standard equipment.

MALIBU: Redesigned to address the faults of the 2013 model, with updated the exterior styling, improved back seats, and revised engine, transmission and suspension calibrations. GM says this was their second choice for a fix, but supplying every new Malibu with its own crusher was prohibitively expensive.


300: Unchanged. You got a problem with that, fuckface? Because if you do, we could step outside and talk about it.

TOWN AND COUNTRY: Chrysler’s minivan will remain unchanged through the 2017 model year as punishment for all those nasty things you said about the Dodge Dart.


AVENGER: Unchanged, which should come as a huge relief to the millions of traveling executives who might otherwise be forced to rent a halfway-decent car.

CHALLENGER: Several new colors are available, including Douchebag Yellow, Ridiculously Annoyingly Obnoxiously Hideous Green, and Nobody Knows I’m Gay Purple.

DART: New Alfa Giulietta Package includes rusted-out fenders and a rain-sensing engine that won’t start when the humidity rises above 65%.

VIPER: Discontinued. By fitting stability control to the 2013 model, Chrysler inadvertently cut off the supply of rich dickheads who wreck their Vipers and come back to buy another one.

More new product news coming soon, because frankly we haven’t thought up anything really funny this week.

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Chevrolet reveals new Corvette in pre-sneak-preview sneak preview

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette sedan to be revealed tomorrow, yesterday

The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette sedan to be revealed tomorrow, yesterday

Chevrolet has revealed pre-sneak preview reveal photos of the new 2014 Corvette ahead of the scheduled sneak preview reveal, media preview, media reveal, public media preview, preview reveal, public preview, and public reveal, some or all of which are scheduled for next week’s North American International Auto Show Reveal in Detroit preview.

Media previewers were shocked to learn that the new Corvette looks nothing like the photos and images that have been circulating on the Web for months.

“It’s true, the new 2014 Corvette looks a lot like the 2013 Malibu,” sneaked Chevrolet spokesman Monte Carlo. “Actually, it is the 2013 Malibu, which has been rebadged as the Corvette.”

Carlo said the change in body style was simply a matter of marketing.

“The terms ‘2014 Corvette’ and ‘C7 Corvette’ have received over three hundred billion hits on Google in the last twelve months,” he Googled. “Meanwhile, the term ‘Chevrolet Malibu’ has returned just four, at least 25% of which appear to be spelling errors. By changing the name of the car to Corvette, we’re hoping to raise Chevrolet’s profile in the mid-size sedan market.”

“This is a big change for Chevrolet,” analyzed Paul Eisensteinalysis, analyst for The Detroit Bureaucrat. “By changing the name of the Malibu, Chevrolet will change the car’s name, and that represents a major change for Chevrolet, particularly to the name of the Malibu.”

As for what will happen to the Malibu, Carlo said, “I can’t really comment on future product, but you can expect the Malibu to re-emerge as a two-door fiberglass-bodied V8-powered coupe that will do nothing to change the perception that Americans don’t know jack shit about building sports cars.”

Asked about the alleged spy photos and computer-generated mock-ups that have appeared on sites such as Jablopnik and Autoblag, Carlo said, “Those are just some old photos from the C5 development program. Can you believe they took that shit seriously? It’s like those mid-engine Corvette rumors from twenty years ago — turns out if you say the Corvette will be anything other than a plastic rear-drive coupe with an iron-block V8, it generates a shit-ton of ink. Seriously, man, you guys are too fucking easy. Hey, we’re off the record, right?”

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Chevrolet developing million-horsepower Camaro

A ridiculously powerful Camaro, yesterday

A ridiculously powerful Camaro, yesterday

In an effort to put a definitive end to the Camaro vs. Mustang horsepower race, Chevrolet says they are working on a new Camaro that produces one million horsepower.

“After we introduced the Camaro ZL1 with 580 horsepower, Ford responded with the 650 horsepower Shelby GT500,” said Chevrolet spokesrepresentative Monte Carlo. “We had no choice but to make a definitive response that would put Camaro at the top of the heap where it belongs.”

Carlo said the new high-horsepower Camaro will be powered by a variant of the 6.2 liter supercharged LSA engine found in the current Camaro ZL1. Asked how the company planned to get one million horsepower from the engine, Carlo said, “We plan to leverage the technology developed by our business partner, the U.S. Government, which has a long history of developing superior transportation technology. There was the Saturn V rocket, which developed over 38 million horsepower on alternative fuels, not to mention the 100 MPG carburetor that OPEC doesn’t want you to have. We’re pretty sure they can help us get the LSA to a million horsepower, and in a much shorter time frame than we could do on our own. Then all we need to do is pick a few meaningless letters to use as a model name, and it’s good-bye Mustang.”

“I guess Ford shouldn’t have been so quick to turn down federal funding,” Carlo added.

GM says the million-horsepower Camaro should be ready to go on sale early in the 2015 model year. Asked how development of the million-horsepower engine was progressing, Carlo said, “To be honest, we haven’t really started on it yet. We’re sort of having trouble getting the government to return our phone calls. Still, we’re confident we can deliver the product on time. You should see the tape stripes we’ve developed for this car. They are bitchin’.”

In response to GM’s announcement, Ford issued a statement saying they are working on a new Mustang that will deliver “somewhere in the neighborhood of a billion jillion horsepower. And unlike the Camaro, you’ll be able to see out of it. Pthpthpthpth!!”

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