A set of 20-inch wheels, yesterday
A set of 20-inch wheels, yesterday

When you think of the materials that go into making automobiles, you probably think of metal, glass and plastic. But what about cheese? Automotive-grade cheese is a vital part of making cars lighter, safer, and more fuel-efficient.


1) Automotive grade cheese is 18% lighter by volume than aluminum and nearly 67% lighter than steel.

2) It is estimated that a mid-size car with a body made entirely from cheese would see a 6 MPG increase in fuel economy based on weight savings. Reduced-fat cheese and some varieties of cheddar would provide even greater gains.

3) When added to rubber used to make tires, cheese provides for a tread surface that is more pliable in cold temperatures, improving both adhesion and taste.

4) Because cheese does not conduct electricity, it makes an excellent and cost-effective insulating material. It is far superior to rubber and plastic for long-term reliability because rodents will eat the cheese and leave the vehicle’s wiring intact.

5) Cheese is fully biodegradable. Recycling components made out of cheese is easy and inexpensive‚ÄĒsimply rinse them off and serve them with crackers and wine.

Embrace the future and protect the environment. Insist on cheese in your next vehicle!

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