A Hyunydai that may or may not be fuel-efficient, yesterday
A Hyunydai that may or may not be fuel-efficient, yesterday

In the wake of an EPA investigation and Hyundai’s official admission that they overstated their fuel economy estimates, several Hyundai owners are insisting that their Elantras and Accents really do get 40 MPG.

“This whole thing is just a load of bullshit,” said Harold B. Fetz, a retired forklift driver and Accent owner from Bellflower, California.

Despite our objections, Mr. Fetz took an Autoblopnik correspondent for a ride to demonstrate his Hyundai’s fuel economy. After merging onto the freeway, moving to the far-left lane, and accelerating to 5 MPH below the speed limit, Mr. Fetz reset his trip computer and showed us that the car was indeed able to maintain a sustained 40.1 MPG. By braking hard, darting across four lanes to his exit, and narrowly missing two cars, a UPS truck, and a charter bus full of Honduran missionaries, Mr. Fetz was able to increase his fuel economy to 40.2 MPG.

Bill Homecrick, founder of the “!!HyundaisRool4EVER!!!” forum at forums4free.com, says he can point to “at least six” forum members who claim to get 40 MPG or better out of their 2011 and 2012 Elantras.

“My Elantra only gets 34 MPG,” Homecrick told Autoblopnik, “but I’m still in the 50,000 mile advanced pre-break-in phase. These Korean-engineered engines are way more custom precision than anything Japan makes, so you have to drive them special. But these guys say it can be done, and even though I’ve never met them in real life, and despite my suspicion that three of the accounts belong to the same person, I believe them,” he said.

Asked about Hyundai’s admission that they overstated their EPA figures, Homecrick said he was skeptical.

“I think the Government forced them to do it because they own part of GM, which sucks, and Hyundais are so much better. They couldn’t stand Hyundai making their sucky Government Motors cars look bad.”

Fetz agreed with Homecrick’s assertion of a conspiracy. “The goddamned tree-hugging liberals are trying to sully the goddamned name of a perfectly good goddamned company,” said Harold Fetz. “This never would have happened if we had elected Mitt goddamned Romney.”

Hyundai declined to comment, but did ask Autoblopnik if we thought Messers Fetz or Homecrick had any public relations experience and might be looking for a job.

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