Bob Lutz saying something really shocking, yesterday
Bob Lutz saying something really shocking, yesterday

Former General Motors “Car Czar” Robert Lutz shocked the automotive world by saying something really shocking.

Mr. Lutz made the really shocking remark at a press luncheon promoting whatever automaker he has lent his name to this month. Eyewitnesses said the 80-year-old auto executive had just finished saying something mildly controversial and was starting to say something rather informative, when he suddenly and without warning said something really shocking. Lutz then continued talking informatively as if nothing really shocking had been said.

“It was almost surreal,” said Stephen Eeeeewing, who was attending the luncheon on behalf of “You hear about Lutz saying really shocking things all the time, but you never think it’s going to happen to you. And then, bam, he says something really shocking — I mean, he just out and says it — and you’re standing there thinking ‘Holy dog shit, did that really just happen?’ I’ll be honest, I’ve always wanted to be around when Bob Lutz said something really shocking, but I wasn’t prepared for how really shocked I actually was.”

Even veteran reporters with years of experience covering Lutz were really shocked by his really shocking comment.

“I’ve heard Lutz say a lot of really shocking things,” said Mark Retchin of Automotive Nudes, “but this really shocking thing he said, well, it was really shocking. I was really shocked. I think everyone in the room was, really.”

“This is what makes Lutz such a great auto executive,” said Autoblopnik correspondent Clifton Faghands.  “He speaks his mind, and he’s not afraid to really shock people a little bit. No other auto executive could ever say anything really shocking like this and get away with it — not even Henry Ford II, and he could be really shocking.”

The automaker on whose behalf Lutz was speaking said they were really shocked, but that they would not terminate their relationship with Mr. Lutz.

“Lutz is an outspoken guy,” said the CEO of whatever company it was. “We knew going in that he might say something really shocking, in fact that he probably would say something really shocking. To be honest, we were rather really shocked when it happened, but that’s why we hired him. Sometimes you have to be really shocking to get people’s attention.”

Photo: Ed Schipul/Creative Commons ShareAlike — Text © Autoblopnik

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