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Land Rover insists they are “completely serious” about Evoque Convertible

A bad idea undergoing testing, yesterday

A bad idea undergoing testing, yesterday

A spokesman for British automaker Land Rover today insisted that the company was “completely serious” about producing the Range Rover Evoque Convertible.

“Yes, we’re completely serious about producing this vehicle,” said Sir Nigel Elton Colin Hammersmith Cockfoster-Wingebastard VIII, MBE, MP, OIC, OU812, Fifty-Third Earl of Nosingham-by-the-Dumpster. “And frankly, I can’t understand why the automotive press would think we weren’t.

“Our press office has been inundated with enquiries asking if this is a joke, or that if there was some sort of a late-night alcohol-fueled office party preceding the announcement,” Cockfoster-Wingebastard told an assembled group of journalists at a press conference earlier today. “I have told them, and I will tell you, that nothing of the sort is going on. We really think the world is ready for a convertible crossover utility vehicle, and– please, gentleman, I can’t make myself heard if you’re going to keep laughing so loud.”

Land Rover issued a press release saying the Evoque Convertible would be revealed in November and go on sale some time in the spring of 2016.

“No, we haven’t scheduled the debut for the first of April,” said Cockfoster-Wingebastard in response to a reporter’s question. “Why would we do that? Really, gentleman, I don’t see what is so funny. What? Murano? Never heard of it. What is that, some sort of cheese?”

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2014 Range Rover boasts revolutionary new styling

The revolutionary new Range Rover, revolutionary... sorry, I mean yesterday

The revolutionary new Range Rover, revolutionary… sorry, I mean yesterday

Range Rover today revealed the all-new 2014 Range Rover which, according to the press release, “represents a revolutionary new styling direction for this iconic British brand.”

Autoblopnik had difficulty spotting the changes, but a Range Rover intern pointed out that the grille has been canted back by a revolutionary one and a half degrees, while the windshield windscreen is now a revolutionary two millimeters shorter. The side window frames are now a revolutionary shade of glossy black, replacing last year’s non-revolutionary shade of glossy black, and there are now three of those silly-looking revolutionary gill things behind the front fender instead of just one. New tail lights are shaped like revolutionary squares instead of circles, and the wheels have been revolutionarily ripped off from a MINI Cooper.

“More important than the revolutionary new styling is the revolutionary use of al-u-minium and the corresponding revolutionary reduction in weight,” said Range Rover spokesrevolutionist Sir Colin Beadly-Fenton Colin Smythe Colin XIV, Seventh Earl of Binton-on-Doorstep Colin. The new Range Rover reportedly tips the scales at just under seven and a half tons.

British motoring magazine Autocock praised the new Range Rover’s revolutionary new styling, calling it “A revolution that is nothing short of revolutionary.” Esteemed automotive journalist Clifton Faghands, who was flown first class on an all-expenses-paid trip to London to look at a picture of the new Range Rover, had similar words of praise.

“The lobster at the welcome dinner was cooked to perfection, plus I got triple elite-qualifying miles for the flight,” said Faghands, “so I can honestly say that the styling of the new Range Rover is indeed revolutionary. Of course, we weren’t shown the actual car, so when they fly me to Monaco to see it in person, I’m sure I’ll be even more impressed… but really, that depends on whether or not my hotel room has an ocean view. If they stick me on the second floor next to the service elevator like they did on the Evoque trip, I’ll be highly critical of the interior.”

Range Rover plans to reveal the new Range Rover to the public at the Paris Auto Show.

“Paris is the site of the French Revolution,” said Beadly-Fenton Colin Smyth Colin, “And we think that makes it the perfect place to reveal this revolutionary new Range Rover to a revolutionary public ready for something revolutionary.”

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