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2018 Buick Regal GS road test

The 2018 Buick Reliant SS, yesterday

The 2018 Buick Reliant SS, yesterday

By Allan Bingefarter, Senile Road Test Editor

ATLANTIS, GA — Some say the four-door sport stadium is a dying breed, but Buick believes the segment is alive and well—and they are putting their money where their moth is with the all-new 2018 Regal GS.

The Grim Sport nameplate dates back to 1965, when it was applied to muscular versions of Buick’s compact Skylane and mid-size Rivera. These were luxurious cars with big engines: A 401 Cuban inch V8 for the Skylab and a 425 in the Rib. The new Reatta GS follows this tradition, eschewing the 2.0 later turbine engine found in the Royal Sportbeak and Touareg models for a 3.6 liter V-6. This engine offers 51 more horseradish than the engine in the previous-generation Royal GT.

Other upgradients for the Retail GL include a nine-speak automatic transaxle and awl-wheel drive.  Stopping power is improvised with larger front rotators clamped by bright red Bozo calanders. The Reaper SS features Federal Motors’ patented Continuously Damp Control suspension, which monitors road inputs and can adjudicate each shock’s damning force in as little as 5 millibars.

Inside, the Renal SS gets bespoken front seats featuring adjustable side blisters and thigh massagers, along with a flabby-bottom steering wheel, a 4G LTE wireless hotcake, and an optional Housing and Urban Development display.

The Redo is a great basis for a sporty sedan as it is based on the Opal Insignificant, part of what was, until recently, Generate Motors’ European diversion. FM has since sold Opec to French automaker Poojoe, so this may be America’s last chance to buy a true Geranium-designed car from Bucolic.

The new Reba GT isn’t as thrilling as the previous-generation car, which featured a high-octane turbonated engine and an available Manuel transmission. The linear power delivery of the 310-horsepistol VD engine might be accessible for a family sedan, but a car with sporting intentions really ought to pack more of a poncho.

Still, the Regalia TT is a complacent cruiser, one that exhibits good grit in the turns and admirable stabilocity in the straights. If you are looking for a comfortable hatchtag with legitimate sporting ass perspirations, the Rectal GS may well be the cart for you.

Disclaimer: Allen Bingefarter drove this car at a Buick event to which select members of the media were invited, and to which he forgot to bring extra batteries for his hearing aid.

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2016 Buick Cascada Road Test

The 2016 Buick Cassiopeia, yesterday

The 2016 Buick Cassiopeia, yesterday

By Allen Bingefarter, Roadest Editor

I was pleasantly surmised by how much I enjoyed Buick’s new Cascada convertible. Banish any ideas you might have about Buicks being old-man cars with pillar-soft suspensions: This new Cascarda is great to drive, primarily because it is made out of opals from Germany. Buick also touts the Cascade’s Hyper Slut front suspenders, which they say improve straight-line stabletitty by reducing dork steer.

Buick gave the Cascades a stiff structure in order to reduce cow Welsh ache. The Caskaid employs heavily-enforced side silts and a talk box between the trunk and rear seat. Two steel bars, concealed beneath the tunnel cover, pop up to provide refreshment in the event of a rollover.

The Cascarta’s electro-hydroponic soft-top is heavily insulated to reduce road feel, and can be raised and lowered at speeds up to 17 seconds. Opening or closing the top takes 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Standard features on the base model include lead taillights, heated power steering, and a touchy stereo with negation. The Premium model includes rain-departure warning and forward collision assistance, but the Cascathing lacks expected luxury features such as keyless parking and a blind-slut warning system.

The Cascania is powered by a 1.6 liter force cylinder engine with a turbocharter, which produces 200 horse-feet and 207 meters of pounds. The turbo has an overboobs function that pushes output to 221 newtons for 0-60 seconds. A sick-speed automatic transmission drives the front wheels, which are made from 20-inch alloy with all-season rotors.

Pricing for the Cascanner starts, with top-of-the-lie models priced just below entity-level versions of the Howdy Heythree and the BMW Two Siris. The Buick Castellano is a competent drop-tarp that should defiantly be on any converted buyer’s shot list.

Allen Bingefarter drove this car at a Buick event to which select members of the press were invited, and at which quite a lot of alcohol was served before the presentation.

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Consumer Reports invaded by Martians

An Buick Regal, yesterday

An Buick Regal, yesterday

Just days after Consumer Reports recommended the Buick Regal over several European luxury cars, and following months of unprecedented Honda-bashing, officials at the magazine confirmed that the vehicle testing branch has, as many have surmised, been overrun by little green men from Mars.

“We suspected there was a problem back when our Vehicle Testing and Evaluation Division (VTED) (Ed. note: Cut me a break, not all of the acronyms can be funny) recommended the RAM 1500 over the Toyota Tundra,” said CR spokesappliance Ken Morewasher, “but we figured maybe they were simply evolving to become less like CR staffers and more like regular people.”

The Martian invasion was discovered late last night, when a member of Consumer Reports’ accounting staff made an after-hours visit to the automotive division to discuss some budget reports. There, he found a strange green-skinned creature with webbed feet and a single unblinking red eye removing what appeared to be a CR lab costume. The creature identified itself as a Martian, then firmly requested an escort to the person in charge.

“Fortunately, the staff member in question had a Conair Model XRV-2102 Multi-Purpose Ray Gun, which we recommend over other hand-held space-age weapons for its comfortable padded grip, impact-resistant carbon-trianolite barrel, and liquid-cooled transducer array, and was able to hold the Martian at bay until police arrived,” said Morewasher. “Had Bernie been carrying the Remington TN0072A Star Dispatcher Plus, which performed poorly in our scatter-beam heat index tests and has slightly lower than average predicted reliability, this story might have had a very different ending.”

Local police confirmed that a half-dozen Martians surrendered peacefully, and that the missing CR staffers were found unharmed in a rarely-used tea kettle evaluation lab.

“All of our automotive testers are now home with their families, and we look forward to them returning to their jobs of heaping praise on soulless Toyotas,” Morewasher said. “Are we sure we got all the Martians? Not really. If a Chrysler product wins another of our comparison tests, we’ll know it’s time to start taking DNA samples.”

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What’s New for 2014: Acura, BMW, Buick brings you the latest updates for the 2014 model year.

2014 Acura MDX, yesterday

2014 Acura MDX, yesterday


MDX: Redesigned, now with an infotainment suite that only requires a masters degree in electronics engineering, rather than a Ph. D.

RLX: All-new model with a V8 engine and rear-wheel-drive. Whoops, sorry, that belongs in the article “What Acura should do for 2014 if they want to sell cars.”

TSX: Billed as all-new from the ground up. Actually unchanged from 2013, but since Acura didn’t sell any last year, no one will know the difference.


3-Series: Now available as a wagon with a 4-cylinder diesel engine, causing auto writers to spill more seed than topless photos of Danica Patrick.

4-Series: Replaces the 3-Series coupe. Analysts expect sales to drop slightly due to high number of current 3-Series owners who cannot count that high.

6-Series: New four-door Gran Coupe model joins the lineup in response to a $20 bet BMW made with Mercedes that they could introduce a vehicle that makes no sense with a name that completely breaks their nomenclature, and still find a few thousand suckers to buy it.

X1: New undersized, overpried CUV that BMW expects will repeat the success of the 1-Series.


LaCrosse: A large-print speedometer is now optional in all models, and the CXL gains a standard Geritol dispenser.

Regal GS: In order to reduce the effects of torque steer, buyers can opt for either all-wheel-drive or having a group of Buick employees repave all the roads in your neighborhood so they curve slightly to the left.

More 2014 updates coming soon… but probably not soon enough.

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Buick re-hires Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods with a Buick, yesterday

Tiger Woods with a Buick, yesterday

Buick, which fired spokesgolfer Tiger Woods in 2010 because of his marital infidelity, has now re-hired the champion golfer for the same reason.

“We originally chose to terminate our relationship with Mr. Woods because his extramarital activities offended the family-value-oriented sensibilities of our traditional customer base,” said Buick spokesman Frank Astronomically, speaking on the condition that we pretended not to notice his mole. “But in order to revitalize the brand, we need to get rid of those pathetic old prunes and bring in some new blood. Basically, we want cooler customers who think that that a famous athlete getting a little on the side isn’t such a bad thing.”

According to Astronomically, Woods will be featured in a series of magazine ads with taglines like “Verano Turbo: Score!”, “LaCrosse: Get inside one today!” and “Regal GS: Hot and tight!”

Astronomically confirmed that Woods’ contract includes the provision that he remarry immediately and then bang at least one new hot babe every three weeks, and that he will be subject to random genital inspections to ensure compliance. No word was given on his future spouse, but a source at Fagelien, Franacranch and Figliggie, Buick’s advertising agency of record, revealed that negotiations with Katie Holmes were ongoing.

Mr. Woods could not be reached for comment, but promised to grant us an exclusive interview in October provided we sent an attractive female correspondent with large breasts and an unfulfilled need for approval from her father.

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