Denise McCluggage: 1927 – 2015

deniseNo funny today as we mourn the passing of one of the giants of our industry: Racer, journalist, skier, former To Tell The Truth panelist, and absolute master of driving 130 MPH down the freeway, getting pulled over, and talking her way out of a ticket. (She must have had the Jedi Mind Trick down pat.)

We’re not sure if Denise knew Autoblopnik, but Autoblopnik sure as hell knew Denise, and we are much the better for it.

Comments open, for once (scroll down a bit).

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  1. Jil McIntosh (@JilMcIntosh)

    I’ve been an auto writer since 1982, and it was damn tough for me to get my foot in the door as a female journalist in a male-oriented market, so I can only imagine what Denise went through. I also know I wouldn’t be doing this job if she hadn’t paved the way. I met her once and still consider it among the highest honors.

  2. guysgab

    The car world lost one of its own with the passing of automotive journalist and racer Denise McCluggage. RIP!

  3. Aaron Gold

    Time with Denise was time well spent. I called her about a possible Top Gear job, and when she said she knew me and was familiar with my work, I was over the moon. What an amazing lady. I miss her already.

  4. Anonymous

    A remarkable lady. If Hollywood was smart, the studios should be battling over the rights to a biopic!!!

  5. birddog85

    This news was a bummer. Denise and David E. Davis were the ones that got me into cars. Jeez. I’m leaking from the eyes again..
    How many 12 year olds had a subscription to Autoweek in 1985?

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