A 2016 Ford GT, yesterday
A 2016 Ford GT, yesterday

Ford announced an innovative new sales program for the upcoming 2016 Ford GT. Instead of delivering the actual car, Ford will wait ten years and then give buyers a massive pile of money.

“Most of the people who buy the Ford GT are simply going to park it in a garage and wait for it to appreciate, then sell it for five times what they paid,” said Ford spokesappreciator Sid Deet. “So why go to the trouble of actually building a car? This new program will save everyone a lot of time and trouble.”

The program has several strict requirements. Buyers must put down an initial deposit comprising the price of the car and a $100,000 mark-up. They must block off a car-sized portion of their garage to remain unoccupied for the next decade, and at car shows and cruise-ins, they will be required to wear a T-shirt that says “I’M THE SORT OF MASSIVE TWAT WHO PAYS MORE MONEY THAN MOST PEOPLE MAKE IN A DECADE TO BUY AN AWESOME SUPERCAR AND THEN CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO DRIVE THE DAMN THING.”

Ford has announced a parallel program for drivers under 25. After paying the cost of the car plus $5,000 to cover a single day’s insurance premium, buyers will be allowed to drive the car once, at ludicrous speeds on public roads in front of a crowd of people with camera phones, after which a Ford engineer will crash the car into a building and total it.

“This program gives them the typical young person’s supercar buying experience, without the risk of personal injury,” Deet explained, adding that in order to be eligible, the prospective buyer must prove that the costs are being covered by their parents.

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